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Our Intigeo geolocator range includes a range of geolocator models for different bird types and studies. Weight can be as low as 0.3g. For details of the Intigeo range, please find our summary product document here.

Unique in many ways, these extremely efficient yet powerful miniature devices are the smallest geolocators available in the world to record near full range light level for an entire annual cycle. Recording full range light level not only allows traditional threshold analysis but also template/curve fitting and cloud compensation.

Not only useful for birds, these ambient light recording devices can also be used for behavioural studies of many other wild animals.

Please contact us for further details.

geolocator bird tag on swift

Common swift (Apus apus) fitted with an Intigeo-W55B1J. For a very informative Swift blog, see here. (Photo copyright L. Kearsley)

Maarten Loonen of the University of Groningen, Netherlands using Intigeo-W65A9RJ geolocators on Arctic Tern (Sterna paradisaea):

The Intigeo-C65 has been successfully used for chronobiology such as this circadian rhythm study on Arctic Ground Squirrel (publication here):

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